Summer essentials

Le début de l'été requiert quelques nouveaux ajouts à toute garde-robe! Ces items, sont à mon avis, les must de cette saison. Ils sont fantastiques à porter soit pour un festival de musique ou bien à la plage.
Je suis allée magasiner récemment et voici donc mes récents achats - Un punch de couleur grâce à un sac de paille en forme d'ananas de chez H&M, des lunettes rondes écailles de torute de chez Simons et une paire de sandales à brides noires de chez H&M.

Voici des essentiels sans toutefois trop dépenser! Approximativement 10$-15$ chaque item.

The beginning of the summer requires some new fresh additions to the wardrobe! These are in my opinion the must-have for the season. They are mostly great for a music festival or a day at the beach.
I recently went shopping and these are my recent puchases - A pop of color with a pineapple shaped straw bag from H&M, tortoise round sunglasses from Simons and a pair of black large straps sandals from H&M.

These are Essentials but without splurging! Approximately 10$-15$ each item.


PHOTO: Maude

Nail polish

Hello, me again!
It's been a while since I wrote on my blog... Was away on a 4 months trip in Europe... without a laptop! Tought I could have written on some computers out there but hey, gotta enjoy my trip! But I came back from this journey with tons of photos, memories and a new job in architecture was waiting for me here in Montreal... so I will post soon some beautiful pictures of Europe, stories and fashion inspirations!
Hope you'll enjoy!

For now, it's summer, a sunny and sizzling hot weather! Who can complain... We normally have the lowest temperatures here in Canada, but in the summer, Watch out! At this period, what girl can not resist some bright and colorful nail polishes on summer time? They add a touch of color and happiness on our most boring outfits... No need for a big sense of imagination here, the cheerful colors are doing the job for us!

PHOTO: Maude

Here are some of my favorite shades for this summer (from left to right):
Coral from Leticia Well (bought in Spain), Mint from Personelle, Nude Scented from Forever 21, Lilac from Revlon, Orange peach from Forever 21 and down, Silver speckle from Forever 21

Enjoy and treat your hands (and feet) like they are precious!